About Us

We make cases we want to use ourselves and also have aimed to create sleek, stylish leather covers which will absorb the rigours every day use and go ahead and take deterioration damage that will with no situation be administered towards the device itself. Likened to a kind of insurance policy, a TORRO situation may cost less than 48p each week whenever a CN£¤?230.00 situation can be used for any year to soak up the everyday put on which may otherwise damage the handset and performs this harmful job although supplementing the appearance from the devices original design.

Many people buy a situation because of this, couple of goes for that ultra protection option because of their lifestyle however in the primary people only desire to keep your device itself in good shape due it's quality value and great looking design. At TORRO we want to supplement this rich in quality leather, smartly designed in an affordable cost to enhance the unit itself. We feel that unless of course your way of life is really the device needs additional rubber protection that for daily utilize it is nonsensical to cover your costly, superbly designed device within an ugly cover.

Once the smartphone movement collected momentum within the late 2000s, the unit manufacturers rapidly gone to live in make their very own cases and accessories. They tended to provide two options leather or plastic. At TORRO we made the decision that such smartly designed devices needed superior quality material to safeguard it so made the decision leather could be our core business. We've selected premium leather sourced worldwide such as the USA and Italia to create our cases. With leather as being a natural product, it's wonderful that each situation includes a slightly different appearance and it is unique to who owns that situation. Although leather isn't an indestructible material and it is susceptible to show deterioration, with careful use it features a beautiful appearance in contrast to your options. Cellular devices are most likely probably the most handled and used products in anyones daily existence and even though every situation wears differently based on use we're happy to listen to customers they have switched to TORRO cases in the device manufacturers leather options because they are priced substantially more competitively and put on for any considerably extended period of time.